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When I was way younger and working in a cinema in a shopping centre we had major difficulties obtaining take away for dinner as all the shops were closed. There was one restaurant that was open that would make some of their pastas for us as a takeaway and once a week I treated myself to their superb Chicken and Broccoli in a Cream Sauce served with pasta of choice.

Back then I was a lover of all food but a Big Mac was just as exciting as the Chicken and Broccoli pasta. Eventually the restaurant closed down and to this day I miss that delicious meal. Well – a couple of years ago I missed it so much I thought “stuff it”, it can’t be that complex so made my own and it tasted better  Yay that!! It’s not the same so I still miss the old one and can’t replicate it but this one I cook regularly in winter and it’s a great meal to cook when friends are coming over as it’s fairly cheap and you can prep before they arrive and cook the whole thing in about 15min tops.


Chicken, pasta, broccoli, recipe, pasta dish, YUM, nomnom, CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI PASTA



The bottle of wine is not part of the recipe – that was for me to drink 
This serves 4 people.


* About 300gms of penne or pasta of your choice – I like the penne as it makes the whole dish bite sized 
* Olive oil
* 2 BIG or 3 REG cloves of garlic chopped up fine – you could also use a mincer or crusher but I like it chopped fine
* 2 rashers of rindless short cut bacon cut into small slices
* About 600gms of chicken breast cut roughly into bite sized pieces
* Salt – try the Himalayan Rock salt – it will change your world
* Pepper
* One BIG bunch of Broccoli (my fave veggie) cut into florets
* TBSP of Peri Peri or cut up one red chilli finely – use this to your preference – mine is slightly spicey but does not burn 
* 300mls of light cooking cream


Chicken, pasta, broccoli, recipe, pasta dish, YUM, nomnom, CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI PASTA



* Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until Al Dente
* Warn a fry pan (deep preferably) to a medium/ high heat
* Add a TBSP of olive oil and the bacon and garlic and fry for a few minutes until smelling delish
* Throw in the chicken, salt and pepper it (I love lots of cracked pepper) and fry for about 8mins – I also like the chicken a bit crispy
* Then add the remaining ingredients and turn down to a medium heat – cook for about 5 or 6min stirring occasionally
* Combine the pasta and the rest of ingredients in large mixing bowl and stir to combine
* Serve with parmessan cheese freshly grated and another glass of red
* This dish cries for some good garlic bread

Hope you like it 


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  1. Comments from the old site:

    Comment by FoodMage
    September 4th 2009 16:11

    This sounds pretty darned good. Do you mind if I mess with it just a bit? Not much, but since I don’t know what Peri Peri is, nor where to get it, I’ll play that one by ear. Nor can I get Hungarian Salt, damn it! So I’ll try Sea Salt, or something similar.

    But this sounds like it might even make broccoli taste good. If I make other changes I promise to let you know. I love your enthusian.


    Comment by Jason King
    September 4th 2009 19:00
    Janice – mess away. Recipes are there for the altering
    Peri Peri or Piri Piri is a Potugese herb – it is basically a combo of chilli, salt, lemon peel and garlic. The salt is very much like a sea salt – it’s pink and very strong so you don’t use as much.
    Hope you like it!

    Comment by FoodMage
    September 5th 2009 00:41
    Thanks, I’ll do all of the above, I think I can probably get Peri Peri (or Piri Piri) on-line at my favorite herb/spice site. If I can’t I’ll just search until I do find it. I’ll do the same for the salt.

    Thanks a lot, Janice

    Comment by Jason King
    September 5th 2009 05:03
    Let us know if you can’t find them Janice – it is no issue to send you a small parcel from Australia

    Comment by FoodMage
    September 5th 2009 05:30
    How very kind, thank you very much.

    I will let you know if I can’t find them.


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