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Glenfiddich Logo through the Whiskey Glass image

Glenfiddich Experimental Series

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I am not a huge whisky fan, more of a white spirits lover myself, but when I was asked to review the new Glenfiddich Experimental Series I had to be involved. Not wanting to be befuddled in reviewing whisky I brought in the whisky experts. My parents, both of whom have gone to whisky tasting classes and […]

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mariah cherry doughnuts

Doughnut Time

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Doughnut Time is a doughnut revolution hugely successful due to owner and marketing genius Damian Griffiths. His epic product is simple; amazing doughnuts, with catchy names, bright colours, all one price in small stores that are baked offsite and then once that’s sorted, launch it to Instagram and watch it explode….. and explode it has. I read about it […]

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mission wraps recipe idea image

Soft & Fluffy Mission Wraps

Product Review

This has taken me ages to publish – huge apologies to Niche Marketing Group. These fantastic peeps sent me a packet of the new MISSION SOFT & FLUFFY WRAPS to try just before Christmas and I was just never happy with any of my photographs for them but was determined to use my own pics for […]

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bear essentials pineapple cider image

Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider

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Thanks to the peeps at Markson Sparks! PR they put me in touch with the folks at Bear Essentials so I could try out their new product, a purely natural pineapple cider which is made with nothing but fermented pineapple. This sounded awesome, my second fave berry on the planet (behind raspberries), all natural and alcoholic, what […]

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Beak & Sons Bratwurst Sausages image

Beak & Sons Sausages

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BEAK & SONS are a Sydney butcher located in Greenacre that have been in operation since 1910. I had never heard about them before but had started seeing their snags in the fridges at Colesworth. As luck would have it the peeps at Missy Mischief got in touch and wanted to know if I would like […]

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