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Burger Point – My Fave Burger Joint of 2018


Ahhhh burgers, a food group I have a lot of love for and honestly a food group that got me started in this little foodie world of mine. In 2016 I ate something like 200+ burgers, in 2017 I ate just over 100 burgers, and in 2018 this has fallen below 50. I used to think of myself as a burgering whore and I would hunt for the next and the next and the next. Then I put on 18kgs in 18 months and decided to enjoy my time at beaches without kids rolling me back into the water.

But my god I love them and miss them, my instagram engagement has basically halved since posting less and less of them and when I have them now I hunt for quality over quantity. When I am searching for epic burgs, foodie burger master-whore Issac from @issac_eatsalot and his lovely wifey @_ladyeatsalot_ are my go to peeps. They have taken me out to BURGER POINT, in Marsden Park, twice now and I have loved it every time.


Located at Marsden Park Home food venues in these big industrial park shopping precincts aren’t usually food venues people seek out, they merely fuel themselves to shop more. But BURGER POINT stands out.

Firstly a lot comes down to the owners, Tim and Liezl Casaje opened the restaurant in November, 2016, can’t believe it’s been two years already! Originally from the Philippines, the couple have a background in hospitality with Tim having worked for the Shangri-La in his home country and then as a chief executive chef for Woolworths. And burgers are like any quality food, the better the chef, the better the quality of the food and it comes through in spades at Burger Point.

The venue itself is a simple affair. Lots of outdoor seating, a high ceilinged grey painted interior with plenty of seating and a counter. The kitchen is mostly hidden out back and they have recently added a leaderboard for burger smashing and some cool burger pics framed on what looks like old metal fencing hanging on the walls.

One of the highlights for me, in any venue, especially burger venues and most especially since I have a beard, is the inclusion of a patron sink. This is a must for me when eating monster burgs, I don’t eat like a little pecking dainty person – I eat like a drunk kebab inhaler at 3am, food goes everywhere.


Halo Halo

Ube Waffles

Sweet Potato Fries

Buffalo Wings

Spam Sanchez Burger

Chicken Waffle Burger with Fried Egg

Marvin Glazed Burger – double handcrafted beef patty, house pickles, signature burger sauce, donut glazed bun topped with grated cheddar and maple bacon bits

Marvin Glazed Burger dipped in Cheese Tray – see above then add all the liquid cheese in the world

Hacked Big Boss Burger – standard ingredients – double handcrafted beef patty, double maple glazed bacon, double American cheese, BP sauce and house pickles

Double Marvin Glazed Hacked Monster Burger


Epic on every level. When you eat with Issac, Sam, and their burgerino posse expect hacked burgers like you can’t imagine. Expect burgers that will push your metabolism and inner organs just to process the food but also expect some of the best burgers you will eat in your lifetime.

Burger Point does offer a lot of extras to hack with, they make all their own sauces, and their sides and wings are on another level.

The sweet potato fries are a less-guilty carb delight. I have only had the Buffalo Wings but they also have Southern Fried wings, Hot ‘n Saucy wings, and Grilled Smokey and Sticky wings, I need to try them all on my next visit.

I devoured a Southern Fried Chicken Waffle with egg and bacon. It was like a circle of life breakfast mishmash and I loved it! I have had the Marvin Glazed on one visit and I gotta say – best donut burger I have ever had. I have not had it dipped/ submerged/ blanketed in the cheese tray because I freaked out I would die. But my burger whore buddies have had it multiple times, love it, and are all still alive.

Jesse of @foodcoma_eats hacked the Big Boss Burger on our first visit. It’s standard is a handcrafted beef patty, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, boss mayo and ketchup. He added pulled pork. I got a bite – EPIC.

The Halo Halo and the Ube Waffles are two of their Filipino specialties and they are not available all the time – the waffles are HEAVEN!!! I love anything purple, probably something to do with my endless sexual frustration haha.


I will probably cop it for this but I fell in love with this burger named after Lady Eatsalot aka Sam Sanchez – THE SPAM SANCHEZ. No word of a lie, this thing changed me haha. I grew up loving Spam and hadn’t eaten it in years, I actually bought some tins of it on the way home. Get a load of the ingredients…….

Cheese stuffed, maple bacon wrapped SPAM
Smashed Angus beef patty
American cheese
Smoked chili and tomato jam
Special sauce

I wish it was a permanent menu item because I would return for this baby regularly!!


I haven’t mentioned it above but the success to Burger Point, the thing that makes it stand out, comes down to consistency of fine product and two other ingredients. The buns are brilliant, whether it be a standard bun, a waffle bun or a donut bun, their structural integrity holds up no matter what you throw at it or dip it in. The next step to their success is their patties. You cannot beat a hand made beef patty that is smashed on the grill and cooked to medium. They have nailed their patty recipe and it is just marvellous, they remind me of StBurgs in Melbourne, a patty I still dream about.

And their final successful ingredient has gotta be Tim Casaje, he is the maestro that not only created it all but maintains its consistency – love your work!


The only letdown of BURGER POINT for this food pig Northern Beaches dwelling fatso is the location. Marsden Park is a bitch to get to from Manly for a regular burg fix. But I love it that much I have returned and will keep on returning and looking for excuses to head out West. Happy burgering peeps and may you eat as much as you desire in 2019 while losing weight and staying healthy.

SCORE BREAKDOWN: 3/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets & 0/1 bonus


PH: 02 8809 5427

Marsden Park Home, Marsden Park NSW 2765


PRICING: The most expensive standard burger is $18- and the Hickory Smoked Pork Belly is $23-. Cheap as chips.


7 days: 10am – 830pm




GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS: I don’t think so






*** Spooning Australia partly dined as Guests of The Chew Crew ***

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