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The Best of Sydney’s Burger Delights


It has come to one year since I started a burger odyssey, a little comment I had with a friend, that “we should review some burgers in Sydney.” This went on to 95 burgers in the past year (89 reviewed), I have seen over 40000 people join Fatties, have left Fatties three times and returned again, have met some incredible friends and chefs and my burgerly love has never faltered. The burgers out there are as unique as the chefs that make them and the diversity, originality, creativity and freaking beauty of burgers never seems to amaze. It is not all awesome; chefs are a passionate bunch and it came to what could be considered death threats with one chef and his friends who weren’t fans that I shared my review on social media, incredibly hard for me to not do that when my business of food is social media based, but the schizophrenia of that one was the same chef called me “possibly Sydney’s best burger reviewer” among other colourful terms so I will take that interaction (shall we say) as positive.

It needs to be noted that like all meals burgers are different from serving to serving. The ingredients, the chef, the weather, even the sleep the chef had the night before all have an effect on what each dish tastes like. Some of the burgers below I have had multiple times and they have been different on each tasting, BBJ’s Primo the first time I ate it was nowhere near one of my favourite burgers but by Primo Mark IV it was, a Dee Why Hotel burger is never better than when Chef Brad makes it and so on. The reason I am saying this is that no doubt some will say “how could you not include this venue,” and the answer is they didn’t make MY cut this year and my tastes are based on the burgers I ate on the time I visited, this doesn’t mean they aren’t epic burgs, they just weren’t for me. Sure, enjoy my list, love or hate it but get your asses out there, try your own, take the shit with the gold because you never know when the unicorn will fly into your mouth.

There are millions more for me to try, no doubt, and I cannot wait to get out and indulge, sorry if your burger did not make my list, it doesn’t mean it isn’t epic.

And now, stop babbling and get to the shit between the buns……………

TOP 10 BURGERS (mostly with the comments I posted at time of review):

10) FIVE POINTS – THE BRONX – October 12, 2015. 

Finally!!!!! Got to break my Five Points burginity. Currently my favourite permanently located burger joint in Sydney. Tastebudgasm. This was the signature THE BRONX – Grilled beef pattie, double cheese, tomato sauce, pickles, American mustard, aioli, bacon, onion jam, iceberg lettuce. It was burger perfection. I will return for this one numerous times. Their service is exceptional – a truly well oiled machine running the joint.


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And here is our second burger we feasted on today at Bangbang Cafe – this is surprisingly a vegetarian CORN FRITTER BURGER $13.90 and it was our fave of the meal.

Sweetcorn fritter, red onion marmalade, grilled haloumi, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli. Everything about this was close to perfection. That red onion marmalade needs to be bottled and it combined with the saltiness of the haloumi made me squee!! So flavoursome and perfectly balanced. And I am shocked, I would never order a veggie burger but will eat this again!! We had an amazing morning feasting with thanks to the peeps at Bangbang, the full review is now up on Spooning – (click on the link in the title).


Bangbang Cafe Sweetcorn Fritter Burger image



Thanks to FBAS Ani who suggested that she could eat the cheeseburger at Pub Life Kitchen forever I dropped in to quickly inhale one. I got it for $17 plus an extra $4 for streaky bacon (it comes with a massive pile of included fries). It’s a 200gm beef patty, 2x American cheese, McClure’s pickles, Spanish onions, mustard and ketchup. 

Hands down best cheeseburger I have ever had. Perfection in patty cooking and perfect amounts of ingredients, I am not a fan of ketchup on a burger as find it too tart but this nailed it when combined with the mustard.  And those fries, they looked like Maccas fries but had this cool seasoning on them, not sure what it was, it was like a BBQ seasoning, subtle and flavoursome, there was quite a few, never thought I would finish them but they all disappeared.

And what a venue, tiny, cute, fresh, modern and clean. It opened at 12 and by 1215 it was a full house. Such a brilliant experience was had and I will definitely return. 


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7) BARE GRILL – THE OUTBACK – February 25, 2016.

Broke my Bare Grill & Cafe burginity today and wow, what a great burger and a great venue in the most beautiful suburb of La Perouse. This is their OUTBACK BURGER for $15: Grass fed beef, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion, house made beetroot relish and house sauce.

IT WAS EPIC and is now in my Top 10 Burgs of NSW. It is the perfect combination of the modern gourmet and the old school milkbar burger. The perfection of the patty blew me away, best beef patty behind Burgers by Josh patty and the cheese just oozed down it. I will rarely say no to beetroot and egg and wanted something a little different than just meat, cheese and sauce and the relish was the winner with a nice punch of sweetness in the burger. Oh, and this is also the burger joint with the signature logo branded buns – they were sexy.

Bloody loved this burger!!! Oh and if visiting sign up on Ompty Australia – u can get discount vouchers for cheaper meals.
I got the meal with chips and drink which came to $20 but as an The Fatties burger appreciation society member got it for $17- really affordable for what I got.


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Today I feasted on the FAT TONY DELUXE from Burgers by Josh – I have had the Fat Tony a few times but holy Wagyu Batman – this goes next level!!

Double Wagyu, double Havarti, beer battered onion rings, Truffle Mayo – (basically unicorn Jizz), Roquette, Crispy-as bacon (basically unicorn flesh), house pickled onions on a milk bun.

The burger is a fan fave of Josh’s and then pumped with roids and the thing I love the most as an accompaniment to this burger besides the patties, that freaking mayo and the Havarti is the roquette, the peppery goodness just adds that next level.

I worship this gift from a slaughtered unicorn.


burgers by josh fat tony deluxe


5) DEE WHY HOTEL – TRUFFLENATOR – multiple visits.

I have eaten this about half a dozen times and to be honest I never posted it on social media when I first ate it, instead I wrote an entire article on the burger and Dee Why Hotel, this is one of the best, but like all venues it varies in brilliance on the visit in question, if you get this one when Chef Brad is in the kitchen expect a culinary unicorn horn in your pants :). The man is a legend.


dee hotel trufflenator image



And it’s a GO!! Today B L Burgers officially opens on Oxford St for Bar Luca’s second and smaller venue bringing the best of burgers to more of the masses. The venue is mainly takeaway with some bench seats available. Check the cool novelty of the burger delivery chute and do yourself a favour – treat yourself to a Blame Canada – it’s insane. 200gm Wagyu, maple glazed streaky bacon, American cheddar, maple aioli and the winner, the best and the thing that saw me foodgasm – POUTINE!!! One of the best burgs on the planet hands down!!

Wishing everyone at B L Burgers the best for the opening and continued awesomeness.


BL Burgers Blame Canada image


3) DEE WHY HOTEL – ZEUS – October 18, 2015

Like a thundering Unicorn the Zeus Burger will arrive at Dee Why Hotel in about two weeks time. Honestly the best burger I have ever eaten. I will never forget my moment of realisation when biting into this Titan. Chef Brad Johnston makes a better burger than the Trufflenator and on Fatties scoring it is a unicorn for me. Contains: double wagyu patty, 50/50 house made garlic yoghurt, quinoa tabbouleh, sumac pickled onions, shaved gyros “kebab” meat, American cheddar, fries (on burger), hommus, chilli sauce all holding together perfectly on a Japanese milk bun from Brasserie Bread – pricing is not determined yet but with the epicness of the ingredients closer to $20 would be my guess. It is perfection. The saltiness of the kebab meat with the amazement of the wagyu and all the rest of it having the ultimate amount of spice makes this a burger worthy of celebrations and ticker tape parades. 


dee why hotel zeus burger image


2) MISTER GEE – TRUFFE – March 18, 2016

Last night was a night I have been waiting on for a VERY LONG TIME. My top 10 burger list of Sydney comes out this weekend but there was one place I had to visit before I wrote it and one burger I HAD TO EAT. Well thanks to the Wizards at Mister Gee Burger Truck I got my unicorn. This is the TRUFFE – their truffle burger made from the ground sprinkles of unicorn horn and flavoured with the jizz of Virgin unicorn stallions – my burger life is now complete – it is top 3 burgers of all time for me.

Grassfed Beef patty, Havarti cheese, caramelised onion, rocket and unicorn jizz aka truffle mayo.

I HIGHLY recommend u also get bacon and double patties, it is rare I would recommend doubling but it was perfection. 
The success of this burger is the refined nuance in flavour balance, it is simple and perfect, we both licked our wrappers clean and my beard needed a shower after.

Perfect in every way 5/5. Chips were standard and pretty average but it isn’t about the fries. 3/5 for spuds but for the baklava milkshake I got a solid 4.6/5.

Cost was $10 plus $3 for bacon (free for FBAS), and not sure on cost of double patties, probably close to $5. For burgers this place is cheap and a Mecca of burgerly delights – GET THERE and note three things: they only take cash, they only serve one burger a week so check their FB for which one and expect to queue but remember it will be worth it ;).


mister gee truffe burger image

Mister Gee Burger Truck Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


1) BURGERS BY JOSH – PRIMO – more visits than I can list.

Josh Arthurs, yes he has another name, is the first burger chef I met and is actually partly responsible for me becoming a food reviewer and burger obsessive freak, he is also mostly responsible for the fifteen kilograms of burgers I now wear around my waistline and I am happy to call him a friend and watch his astronomical rise in the scene. I reviewed Josh’s first burger back at Danno’s Cafe and have pretty much indulged and reviewed every one of them since. His first burger, the Pork Belly Reuben has always been my favourite and benchmark burger but he hasn’t made it in ages (not from lack of me harassing him), although I think he did a variation called the Porky Pig in the recent past.

Josh consistently pushes the boundaries and is so unique in his attitude and different operating techniques than standard venues, he has made his name in pop-up venues, endless dedication to his craft, generally saying “fuck-em” to anyone who has issues with him and the odd snack pack multicultural stirring.

His Primo is his signature, the one below is probably Primo Mark IV and I had double patties. It is my everything burger.

Double Wagyu, double cheese, jalapeños, crispy American bacon, beer battered onion rings, lettuce and a jalapeño popper on top – perfection in a bun.


burgers by josh primo image



If you want me to come and review your burgers invitations are always LOVED – email and let’s get the burgers on!!


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