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If you are a fan or aficionado of burgers in Australia you will have heard of the famous BrodBurger in Canberra (Top 15 burger joints in the country by nearly every burger freak in the country – myself included), a venue that has been known to have up to three hour waits for a burger, the bizarre thing that speaks to their quality is that people actually wait for them. They now have an app that lets you order in advance and get a wait time, genius really. Well the BrodBurger family has branched out now to BrodDogs. Brods has a caravan in Braddon in ACT (actually the revamped original BrodBurger van) and as of this last week has a spiffy new caravan in Chatswood, in New South Wales, collective cheer for getting some Brod in the state!!


BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The BrodDog Permanent Van

BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The BrodDog Permanent Van


BrodDogs Chatswood is located in Charlotte Lane at Westfield Chatswood and if you know Chatswood Westfield at all it is on the street and you access the van from the outdoor section between the two buildings of Westifled, Anderson St. The lane has mostly been closed off but is now wide open and even has an entrance into Hawker Lane, the famed Asian hawker indoor lane of food vendors that I keep filling my Insta with. Charlotte Lane is still in progress, there is some great street wall art above BrodDogs and their neighbour, the Crepe van. The BrodDogs van still has some more permanent fixtures coming including outdoor seating, synthetic grass and generally some more cool. This will include DJs and entertainment on weekends and into the night.


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BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The BrodDog Team: Sasha Brodbeck, Joelle Bou-Jaoude, Josie Bou-Jaoude, Claud Zaitony


The premise is simple, instead of their famous burgers, make hotdogs that can be just as famous. It is fairly easy for this crew, it isn’t a simple red dog out of boiling water that is seven years old and filled with more preservatives than Maccas, nope, nothing but the best for these guys. They use Vienna, Spicy or Beef Frankfurts dogs made with natural casings and no preservatives and their chilli is a slow cooked eight hour affair. The buns are a standard soft and fluffy hot dog bun but baked daily (they do have gluten free option also) and they are working further on their dogs, always a work in progress. As I ate a lot for sampling and shooting I had their “Puppy Dogs” – a more medium sized dog to their “Big Dogs.” Sash Brodbeck mentioned they will soon be thicker dogs for the Puppies, I loved them as they were. No complaints from me at all.

Some words from owner, Sasha Brodbeck;

“BrodDogs is a family run business known for its gourmet high-quality and freshly prepared food. All produce is sourced daily from local suppliers, prepared onsite and made to order.”

“I design all the menus and hand-pick every ingredient. I also worked with a baker on the bread so it is light, fresh and complements the toppings perfectly. I think it is what sets our hotdogs a part from the rest.”


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BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The BrodDog, The Chilli Cheese Dog and the New Yorker


I was basically served enough for three people. I got the Chilli Dog, The New Yorker and the BrodDog. I also got a serving of Cheesy Chips and a serving of Cheesy Chilli Chips. I did not eat for the rest of the day and was in desperate need of a lie down after indulging. They offer 9 dogs to choose from and a zillion extras that includes Popcorn Cauliflower, Triple Smoked Pork Belly and Shaved Gruyère Cheese and also, wtf?! a vegan and vegetarian hotdog option. Amazing stuff!!

As a whole I cannot fault the place, the hot dogs were amazing and something I could eat regularly. The presentation, the van, the location, the staff and even the packaging is all top notch, helps that they have ran BrodBurger for ages and know how to make and serve food well.


BrodDogs The New Yorker image

BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The New Yorker image


Above is the New Yorker (Big Dog $9.50 and Puppy $6-) and while my least favourite of the three I ate it was still delicious. This one will be for a more refined taste. It has sauerkraut cooked with triple smoked pork belly, corn relish and mustard with Dog of choice. If you love sauerkraut and American mustard you will love this. It should also be known they make their own sauerkraut. I loved it but it was out flavoured by the following two I ate. I would like to point out I only finished one of the dogs and ate half of the others and then only half the chips – I AM NOT THAT LARGE —-YET!!


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BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The BrodDog, The Chilli Cheese Dog and the New Yorker with the Cheesy Chips and the Cheesy Chilli chips image


The following Dog I was served was the Chilli Cheese Dog (Big Dog $10.50 and Puppy $6.50-). Your choice of Dog with Beef chilli, drowned in fondue cheese sauce, corn relish and shaved gruyère cheese. It was a beef chilli taste sensation. They really do make good chilli and it really did have a proper chilli taste, a nice warmth and spiciness – totally moorish, this will be my winter Dog of choice. This venue is going to be bloody dangerous for me. I am constantly battling weight with burger addiction and now this – sheesh!!


BrodDog Hotdogs image

BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The Chilli Cheese Dog image


Below is the chips version of the above Dog. The chips game at BrodDogs is high end. Apparently the Cheesy Chips: Fondue Cheese and Grated Gruyère cheese ($6.50) is the most popular among the ladies and gents get all in the Chilli Chips ($6.50) or Cheesy Chilly Chips ($7.50). I put this down to why you hear men fart more often but women are rarely fluffing or are simply more sneaky at it or as the theory goes they avoid the fart foods in public :).

You can also get plain chips ($4.50) and Fried Popcorn Cauliflower with the cheese works ($6-) but after trying the Cheese and then the Chilly Cheese I can order no others – that gruyère cheese and that chilli turn me on!


BrodDogs cheesy chilli chips image

BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The Cheesy Chips image


And I had to save the namesake for last because, for me, the BrodDog (Big Dog $11- and Puppy $7-) is it all, it is superb and this is the Dog I ate in whole. This will become a regular in my diet while working at Chatswood. Dog of choice with bacon, coleslaw, pickles, ketchup and corn relish topped with sweet potato ribbons and shaved gruyère cheese. It is a flavour delight and I bloody loved it.


BrodDogs BrodDog image

BrodDogs | Chatswood | Spooning Australia Venue Review | The BrodDog image


No question about it, I am sold on the BrodDogs as much as BrodBurger – the best hotdogs I have eaten. I also gleamed a wee bit of the future of the BrodEmpire out of Sasha and Josie – BrodBurger is COMING TO SYDNEY :). It is a while off and a venue has not yet been located, but BrodDogs is here to tease the shit out of us all and get the juices flowing for their burgers. They better watch out, BrodDogs is that good it might be all we need.

You can stalk BrodDogs on FB, Twitter and Insta.

Their operating hours are:

Mon-Wed: 11 am to 9 pm

Thurs-Sun: 11 am to 11 pm

Get your BrodDog on!!

*** JK ate as a guest of BrodDogs but to be frank, if it was shit I would happily tell you as such.




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