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Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider


Thanks to the peeps at Markson Sparks! PR they put me in touch with the folks at Bear Essentials so I could try out their new product, a purely natural pineapple cider which is made with nothing but fermented pineapple. This sounded awesome, my second fave berry on the planet (behind raspberries), all natural and alcoholic, what isn’t to like? 🙂


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This is the only Pineapple cider in the country, made purely from Pineapple juice and nothing else. This is not a Pineapple flavoured cider like many others on the market today.

Bear Essentials Pineapple Cider is fully natural with no preservatives, no added cane sugar and importantly with no added sulphites (this product has been fully pasteurized). Based on the above I am happy to classify the product as paleo approved but a true paleo guru would need to verify. It is a sugary berry so it would only be suitable in mild doses, but it is all natural so hell, why not?


bear essentials pineapple cider image


MY VERDICT: As they are, straight out of the bottle, I find them too strong, it has a definite fermented pineapple flavour that comes off more like a caramelised pineapple, it is slightly heavy and not like biting into a pineapple, it is pineapple moonshine after all :). But (no laughing) I thoroughly enjoyed them as pineapple shandies with 25% lemonade in my drink and for my Saturday night BBQ with a friend, Vodka Pineapple Ciders are the bomb!! But as James, my friend highly recommends, do not drink them after sharing a few bottles of red wine, more a starter drink ideal for sunny barbecues than an digestif.


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I give it the thumbs up, I reviewed this one while reviewing the Beak and Sons Sausages and managed to use the pineapples for barbecuing after the shots. In the sun, with a couple of pineapple ciders under my belt I started to have some fun with pineapple :). I have to say that the cider with a BBQ was the perfect idea, totally summer suited.

The drink is 8% Alcohol, 1.7 Standard Drinks and 275 ml bottles in four packs, they should be available from bottle shops but if you can’t locate it try messaging the Bear Essentials peeps where you can also order them direct.





** This article is partly sponsored in the fact I was given the goods to try but as usual if it was crap I would have happily have told you about it :).


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