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Beak & Sons Sausages


BEAK & SONS are a Sydney butcher located in Greenacre that have been in operation since 1910. I had never heard about them before but had started seeing their snags in the fridges at Colesworth. As luck would have it the peeps at Missy Mischief got in touch and wanted to know if I would like to try them, when it comes to free food and the opportunity to try something new I am ALLLLLLLL OVER IT. As opposed to posting me sausages they sent me a voucher for Woolies so I could head down and get my own, but they did send me a very funky BEAK & SONS apron I shall now be cooking BBQs in, thanks :).


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I purchased their Original Bratwurst snags and their Smoky Chorizo and then sat down to read all about them prior to cooking the very fun and crowded BBQ for one, I had beer, music and chased a cricket ball around the yard that I kept throwing to myself.


“Our Beak and Sons family butchers sausages boast the highest meat content of any sausage, and they are naturally gluten free. We never add artificial flavours, colours or MSG because we are as devoted now to putting a better sausage on your fork as we were back in 1910.

To make the greatest sausage you have to have the greatest ingredients, we have done this by sourcing the best beef we can find, which is why ours all comes from the Hunter Valley. While most people make sausages from everything that’s left over we only select the finest cuts from the finest beef, and combine this with the finest fresh ingredients.”


Beak & Sons Bratwurst Sausages image


“Beak and Sons sausages are the result of over 120 years spent honing our craft.

For four generations we have carefully guarded the secrets of our masterful techniques, so there is nothing quite like a Beak and Sons sausage. We take our skillful, time-honoured ways and apply them across all our top quality, prize-winning meat products.

Reginald (Reggie) Beak laid the foundations of our pioneering tradition when he experienced the sublime smoky flavour of the chorizo sausage while living in South America in the 1900s. He later perfected his own recipe based on beef, fresh chili and bacon, in Argentina and it remains a best seller today.

Reggie’s wife, Elsie, and his son, Peter, also pioneered creations that were inspired by their many global travels. They have been kept and developed as secret family recipes, which shows that good ideas never get old.

David Beak is now at the helm of our Australian family-owned and run gourmet sausage company, and his children, Will and Lucy, are ensuring the family legacy will be carried forward.”


Beak & Sons Bratwurst Sausages image


I thoroughly enjoyed them, I had the Bratwurst for lunch with barbecued pineapple and some leftover coleslaw, I just finished one of them in a wrap with cheese, mustard and sauce while writing this article and also loved it this way. For the high meat quality the sausages still held together marvelously and cooked well on the BBQ. I am stoked that they are gluten free and I really do love the idea of them coming from a generational family business.

I am saving the Chorizo for this weekend as they have some fantastic recipes on their website and one of them is the Chorizo sausages served with scallops and a cauliflower puree – sounds amazing – not a huge cauliflower fan so considering alternatives – maybe a broccoli puree?


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I received, I cooked, I ate and I really did enjoy them. As far as sausages go these are at a higher end for quality, I never saw the plain beef at the shops but will give them a go next time and I really love the idea of a chicken and mushroom snag or even the Tuscan pork. I am sold and will eat them again as opposed to the generic snags from the larger chains, keep your eye out for them and maybe you want to give them a shot. Let us know what you think. And most importantly enjoy the rest of summer and as many barbecues as you can.




** This article is partly sponsored in the fact I was given the goods to try but as usual if it was crap I would have happily have told you about it :).


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