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No rest for the wicked, back from holidays last night and this morning heading into the city to review the delightfully awesome Bangbang Cafe in Surry Hills. So stoked they invited Spooning in to review and shoot the goods. Sebby T was my lucky companion today and we both loved the place.


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Bangbang has been open for about eight months now with a new owner and they are kicking butt. It is located in quiet, more terrace-filled Reservoir Street and is removed from the usual hubbub of Surry Hills and Paddington. This is both a blessing and a curse with little foot traffic but a growing patronage that will be more regular heavy. It helps the guys are whizzes at the social media and are marketing the place as a hip and happening little breakfast, lunch and cafe venue that is a combination of healthy fare and wicked burgers. As you can now realise it was the burger part that got me in the door :). Their salads, though, are beautifully inspired and there is an option to tailor your own, all ideal for people in Surry Hills who want to walk down for something better than most other venues.


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The decor is simple modern mixed with old and retro. Combinations of steel stools and what looks like old desks give a slight steampunk feel and the splash of orange lighting throughout the venue gives it a really warm feel. Bangbang is utilising the new oversized element bulbs that look amazing and give it a great ambience but from experience I know those bloody bulbs like to blow their tops all too regularly. Regardless, they look bloody cool hanging over the large front table with wide open windows to the outdoor area. If I was living in the area, I would near-live at the place. It does help that both the owner, Matt Maddrell, and the barista, (and possible manager, sorry if I got your role wrong and bloody hell maybe even name wrong) Jordan, both are ex-Hoyts boys. Matt used to work in La Premiere at Fox Studios and Jordan is from Adelaide and I am nearly at twenty years with the cinema chain. Sebby T, my guest, is even ex-Hoyts, we had a regular Hoyts reunion :).


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I started with a coffee, Sebby T was being all water-healthy. My decaf mocha was in good form, it was chocolate heavy but great chocolate that didn’t appear to be powder and didn’t clump at the bottom. Bangbang are using 5 Senses for their coffee and this appears to have been a great move, judging from the serious coffee aficionados 5 Senses rates high, and we all know a great cafe is worth jack shit unless it has great coffee. No judging me, I overdosed on coffee in 2007 and can’t drink it anymore or I have a heart attack. Lesson to learn from this – close on ten coffees a day is an epic fail move that will hurt you!!


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As for our nomnoms I suggested that Matt bring us what he wanted us to feast on and what he thought would look sexy for pics. He didn’t disappoint! We started with Pea and Feta Crush ($13.90) – Peas, avocado, mint and feta on rye. This one would be epic for the veggies, a group of culinary alternates who are well looked after at Bangbang.

Sebby T doesn’t eat avocado but loved it and the mint was a nice mix to cut into the feta. I loved the dish but saved myself for burger indulgence so only ate a small amount and what I tasted I enjoyed. Being rye it is a hard crusted bread and while trying to cut it I sent a bunch of peas flying, I would suggest this be served on a lipped plate as opposed to the sexy board, it looks amazing but you need something to catch the peas if you have to get aggressive with the crust. I mentioned this to Matt before we left, I assure you all dear readers, the bread was delish and fresh from this morning but it was just crusty!


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I was also impressed when I was offered a beer, nothing cooler than washing down a mocha than with a Murray’s Hand Crafted Whale Ale, what a freaking awesome beer!! For someone who rarely drinks beer I like it a little on the lighter side and this was perfect and so needed in today’s heat! I think from memory that Bangbang only stocks Murray’s Beers at this stage.


Bangbang Cafe with Murray's Whale Ale image


And then the extra sexy arrived. The burgers were amazing. They have a great burger selection and also have weekly specials that sounded as, if not more, impressive. Matt served us their signature burger; the Double Banger for $16.90. Double wagyu, double cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Bangbang sauce. That’s the baby below. Now sadly, I took 20mins to photograph everything so the patty had a lot of resting time but it was still luke warm and enjoyable. The patties had good pink in them, the cheese was epic and bacon is always a loveable edition. But oddly, the Double Banger was outclassed, Sebby T and I both fell in love with and preferred……………..


Bangbang Cafe Double Banger Burger image


The vegetarian Sweet Corn Fritter Burger ($13.90) – Sweetcorn fritter, red onion marmalade, grilled haloumi, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli. Do not pass this information on that I chose a veggie burger over a beef burger, the FBAS may banish me! Sebby T and I discussed how this could happen and it comes down to what we believe is the amount of burgers and burger places in Sydney, and Australia. Every single one of them has a beef burger, a double beef burger and the double cheese and while Bangbang’s is more than satisfactory the Sweet Corn Fritter Burger is new, simple, flavoursome and freaking awesome!!! That red onion marmalade needs to be bottled and it’s combination with the saltiness of the haloumi is enough to make you squee!!


Bangbang Cafe Sweetcorn Fritter Burger image


I loved it so much you get two pics, we got the chef to cut it in half so it would be easier to share and also so you can see the layered awesome!

I need to be venturing back sometime soon as their fried chicken burger sounds impressive and I need a Chilli Wagyu Sloppy Joe inside of me!!!


Bangbang Cafe Sweetcorn Fritter Burger image


Bangbang Cafe has a lot to offer, besides the great staff, great venue, awesome food and brilliant digs there is the quieter area and all the abundant food I have not listed but which you can discover yourself. Get yo butt into Slurry and say hey to Matt and the crew!! Tell em Spooning sent you – you will get free sugar with your coffees :).

Huge thanks to Matt and all the staff for hosting us, we had a fantastic time at a fantastic venue!

Banbang Cafe Deets:

(02) 9281 0018

113 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW

Insta: @bangbangcafe

Mon – Fri 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Sat/Sun 7:30 AM to 2 PM

*** JK (and any guests of Spooning Australia) ate as a guest of the venue but to be frank, if it was shit I would happily tell you as such.




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