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Cafe Sur L’avenue is a Quaint Little Gem in Double Bay



Double Bay is like the Beverly Hills of Sydney, it’s where most of the wealthy people live. Another world to the one I am used to that isn’t uncommon to see locals shopping in Chanel or Armani. The affluence always makes my jaw drop so when I turned up in jeans, t-shirt and cap to review Cafe Sur L’avenue with foodie PR friend ,MJ, I felt a little underdressed, kind of like wearing budgie smugglers to a wedding underdressed. Cafe Sur L’avenue is a value-add cafe at the back of the Palmer and Penn, a simple and quaint cafe that is quite hidden and a great place to refuel in style after shopping for vintage Louis Vuitton luggage or some marvellous high end gifts.


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Located towards the end of Transvaal Ave the Palmer and Penn sells high end gifts and vintage luggage. Their vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases are sourced from auctions around the world and the giant counter that runs down the left at the front of the shop is in fact a giant LV Suitcase reproduction. Their Baccarat crystals are divine, I need their gold cutlery set and I will forever dream of owning the $7500- Ralph Lauren Paxton Mixologist Box – it’s so Gatsby!! Check out all the wonderful dream worthy gifts from the Palmer and Penn HERE.


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Transvaal Ave is made up of shops located in superbly appointed and repurposed terrace homes. All of them just look beautiful, places princesses would buy their gifts. The entry to the Vintage Palmer and Penn and Cafe Sur L’avenue is a small patio with a beautiful table for two, a lovely topiary and what I think was granite tiles. The shop itself is stunning and a place I took my camera bag off my back and held it close for fear of knocking a $2000- candle off its perch. As you make your way past homewares worth more than my soul and meet the lovely people working there you come to the small cafe counter.

The cafe itself is located out the back in a sheltered patio. The Parisian design uses similar tiles to the entry, the same tables, splashes of passionate red, and is spotted with smaller topiary. The food is made off site and delivered in but most is assembled at the small open counter kitchen. It is a place for a coffee or tea, a sandwich or a salad. It may be simple cafe fare prepared at Baccarat Cafe but it is all presented and assembled in pure elegance. Every glass, plate or piece of cutlery is from the collections inside. We drank out of Baccarat Crystal, the porcelain was Legle De Limoges and our cutlery was Cutipol. And to finish it off each table had a $373- Baccarat butterfly as a side piece, somehow one of ours ended up in the ice-cream – hey – it looked good for the shoot!

The staff were friendly and efficient and in no way did I get Pretty Woman treatment looking like the tramp I was.


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Baccarat Cafe Iced Tea

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  • Iced Tea
  • Coffee from Allpress
  • Chicken & Madeira Pâté, Onion Jam, Cornichons & Baguette
  • Reuben Sandwich, Dill Pickle & Crisps
  • Balsamic Roasted Beetroot, Potato, Egg, Spinach & Eschalots
  • Persian Love Cake with Greek Yoghurt
  • Affogato


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Reuben Sandwich

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Beetroot and Egg Salad



The iced teas were refreshing and beautifully served with strawberries. It may just be me but drinks taste nicer out of Baccarat Crystal. The Chicken and Madeira Pâté with Onion Jam, Cornichons and Baguette is my kind of food. All I needed was wine and cheese and I could have sat with this all afternoon. As soon as we looked like were nearing the end of baguette to spread the goods on the waiter brought us warmed extras.

I love a good Reuben and this was a good one. Simple and to the point with perfect balance between the corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and sauce. I loved the sides of pickles and crisps – could eat this for lunch every day. The salad was something I could also eat every day. Beetroot and Eggs are two of my favourite things, and who doesn’t love potatoes?! Everything was in large wedge shapes and I really wish I had some here with me now for breakfast, add some sliced pancetta or crispy bacon and this would be pure perfection.

For dessert we shared the Persian Love Cake with Greek Yoghurt, MJ had a coffee, and I dived into my favourite dessert; a simple affogato. The only time I drink full strength coffee. The Persian Love Cake was delightful but the butterfly stole the shot. While the affogato butterfly did take an ice-cream swim it didn’t make the final pictures.


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Baccarat Cafe Persian Love Cake with Greek Yoghurt and Baccarat Butterfly image

Persian Love Cake with Greek Yoghurt and Baccarat Butterfly



Cafe Sur L’avenue is a very affordable Double Bay Cafe. It serves fantastic yet simple cafe food in sheer elegance. An ideal place for local celebrities to dine without being seen and the perfect place for mere mortals to dine from plates and glasses reserved for royalty.


SCORE BREAKDOWN: 2/3 food, 2/2 service, 1/1 drinks, 1/1 venue & ambience, 1/1 cost, 1/1 toilets and 0/1 bonus


Baccarat Cafe Deets:


PH: 02 9328 4800

16 Transvaal Ave, Double Bay NSW 2028

BOOKINGS: Yes but not essential

Mon – Sat:  8am – 3pm

TAKEAWAY: Yes – selection



GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS: Yes – small selection






*** Spooning Australia was invited to attend this venue and the meal was complimentary ***

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Cafe Sur L’avenue is a Quaint Little Gem in Double BaySpooning

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