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Basic Strawberry Sauce Recipe


So it was like heaven at Harris Farms a couple of weeks back, and thanks to heaven I was going to make some strawberry goodies. 15 punnets of strawberries for $7- – it was madness and I think we got about 4kgs out of them. They were on their last legs and probably had to […]

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Dojo Bakery, Braidwood

DOJO BAKERY: BRAIDWOOD – it’s amazing!!

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So my world has been shaken, my ritual thrown into ruin and a tradition I have had for years comes to an end. On my visits to the parental unit’s place on the South Coast of the country I always drive through Braidwood, it’s a little over half way and is always the perfect place […]

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soy chicken ginger recipe

Soy Ginger Chicken Breast Dish – Heavenly


As my health kick continues and I shed kilos and look more like Clooney than late Brando I keep finding lite and healthy dishes that suit my lifestyle and are out of this world delicious. This is hands down my favourite dish I have cooked since commencing my diet – Soy Ginger Chicken Breast – […]

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Cheesy quinoa broccoli casserole in cream of celery soup

Cheesy Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole in a Cream of Celery Soup Sauce- Suitable for Vegans


Continuing my love of all things quinoa and experimenting with everything I have signed up to numerous blogs, chefs and so on that all cook with quinoa – I get a lot emailed to me daily and keep the ones I am desperate to cook. This is one of those yummy recipes and it is […]

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Vietnames Coconut Pork Belly, Coconut Pork

Thit heo kho (Pork Cooked in Young Coconut Water)


Full credit and thanks to website for this recipe – it was presented as part of ten dishes suitable for Chinese New Year meals. I am unsure as to why considering it is Vietnamese but all thanks regardless because it was delicious  I have changed it around to use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil […]

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