Coffee Foam Art

Coffee Foam Art Plus 10 Coffee Facts

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Coffee has come so far in the world – no longer is it the drip filter shit with milk or (mostly) powdered milk in the US. It is now an art form, a connoisseurs delight and the most socially accepted narcotic on the planet. Now while you look at what the article is for I […]

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Jamie Oliver Inspired One Tray Baked Chicken

Jamie Oliver’s One Tray Bake Chicken Recipe with some Tweeks


You gotta love Jamie Oliver – I mean the guy is a food revolutionary – he is also an Energizer Bunny who goes on and on and on and keeps himself fresh – he is like the Madonna of the culinary world with no bullshit pretentiousness. It appears we get what we see and nothing […]

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Sinlaku's Barbie themed restaurant in Taiwan

Bizarre Eateries of the World: BARBIE RESTAURANT

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Home to the first Hello Kitty-themed café, Hello Kitty-themed airplanes and now – taking cute perhaps one step too far – the world’s first Barbie themed restaurant has opened in Taiwan. Licensed by U.S. toymaker Mattel, Taiwan restaurant company, Sinlaku, in January opened the Barbie Café on Zhongxiao road, one of the busiest shopping districts […]

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Chicken Quinoa Roast Veggie Meal

Healthy Quinoa Lunches and the JK Diet Plan


A few months back I had the unfortunate opportunity to see a photo of me at the beach with some friend’s kids and I was astounded – I was starting to resemble a walking talking M&M man more suited to being a stay indoors person than someone parading on the beach. I mean seriously – […]

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